Shipyard / Facilities.

From initial steel processing to the final application of paint coating, La Nuova Meccanica Navale is constantly innovating its facility layout to optimize production flow. La Nuova Meccanica Navale continuously benchmarks the newest shiprepair practices and technology in order to accommodate vessel orders of varying types.

Major on-site equipment includes:

Travel lifts able to lift up to 500 tons, a 100-t mobile crane, large-sized docks, a 350m long berth, various roofed workshops, new and improved blasting and painting cells, and welding equipment for SAW, MIG, MAG, TIG, and EGW capabilities.

La Nuova Meccanica Navale provides construction and maintenance of containerized „POWER PACK“ generator sets, new installation of generators in containers with naval and land approval, installations on board ship for supply of additional refrigerator containers.

dock facilities.

  • Launching Dock 55 x 15 mtr
  • Travel lift up to 500 tons
  • 22.000 square metres of open area
  • Floating Dock 130 mtr x 22.40 metres
  • internal width
  • 100-ton mobile crane
  • Mechanical workshop equipped with:
  • Horizontal lathes for axles up to 6 metres
  • Vertical lathes for pieces with diameters up to 1.7 metres
  • Shears up to 6 metres

Dimensions and Services.

  • 6,000 square metres of covered area
  • 350 mtr of quay
  • Plasma cutting for sheet metal up to 20 mm thick
  • Oxy-acetylene cutting for sheet metal up to 100 mm thick
  • Shears for sheet metal up to 6 metres long
  • 300-ton press


La Nuova Meccanica Navale has its own storage base for all basic materials and spare parts:

  • Store for electrical materials and bearings
  • Store for ferrous and non-ferrous metals,
  • welding materials, industrial gases
  • Store for fasteners, rubber products,
  • fuels and oils
  • Store for pipes, valves, fittings
  • Store for tools, spare parts and
  • automotive parts
  • Store for chemicals, blasting grit,
  • insulation materials, inert materials
  • Store for working clothes and PPE
  • Store for scrap